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Engaging Younger Professionals

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Bring emerging leaders into your club 

New leaders are always emerging. They live in your community. They are eager to contribute. Younger professionals could make great Rotary members, but to bring them into our clubs, we first have to understand them. This is essential for Rotary.

This toolkit will help you rethink membership, from a broad perspective down to a tactical level, that you can adapt to your area. Topics include characteristics of your audience, your club’s culture, ideas for outreach and engagement, and the long-term benefits of becoming a Rotarian. 

Explore the toolkit

  1. Introduction

  2. Audience

  3. Culture

  4. Connections

  5. Engagement

  6. Value

Understanding younger generations means understanding how changes in society affect them. Technology has given them the opportunity to customize nearly everything in their lives. But possessions don’t sit at the top of their wish list. 

Rather, many share a unifying trait: a desire for experience. When young people invest time and money into something, it’s with organizations that do good in the world.

That’s Rotary. 

Younger generations are eager. They’re motivated to change their communities and hope to move quickly along their career paths. They want to build a solid network and learn from mentors, from people with clout and experience.

That’s us.

Few organizations span generations and professions and build personal connections the way that Rotary does. We blend tradition with innovation and use trust and respect to close the generation gap.


It’s a compelling story. It’s our story. Let’s tell it.