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Engaging Younger Professionals

Deliver continued value 

Our members  — including emerging leaders — need a clear understanding of how they benefit from being part of Rotary. 

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  3. Culture

  4. Connections

  5. Engagement

  6. Value

Research shows that Rotarians are at the highest risk for leaving their clubs in the first two years, so it’s critical to engage new members early. But don’t assume that members are content after those first few years — their personal and professional lives are going to evolve. Successful clubs provide new and different ways of engaging members over time so they continue finding value in their membership experience. 

When there are so many organizations, causes, and priorities that people could devote their time to, what’s the unique value of Rotary? 

Rotary is an ideal mix of neighbors who are also community leaders with integrity, purpose, and experience. The interaction of older and younger members nurtures personal growth and professional development. 

We bring ordinary people together in extraordinary circumstances — and that’s when new thoughts, opportunities, and friendships thrive. With clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas, Rotary transforms local neighbors into global citizens. 

This transformation has a ripple effect. Members will tell their friends about their incredible experience, and those friends will have an inspiring picture of the journey that is Rotary.


Return on membership checklist

Your club’s experience is a product. Are you providing a good product? Are you giving your members the opportunities for development that they want and need? Ask yourself the following questions to determine your club’s value and to ensure your members experience a significant return on their commitment to Rotary.

Community service and impact

Does your club offer local service opportunities? How about global service opportunities?


Business development

Does your club invite local business and community leaders to speak at meetings and events? Create opportunities for members to showcase their professional skills? Provide opportunities for members to make connections with fellow Rotarians and members of the community? Offer opportunities for mentoring, leadership development, and skill-building?


  • Encourage your members to download Connect for Good, a resource to help Rotarians discover ways to get involved and make a difference.
  • Bring people together — your members and other community and business leaders — to strengthen their skills, and to strengthen your club. Download the Leadership in Action Guide.
  • Develop service projects that use your professional skills to address a need in your community. Download An Introduction to Vocational Service.  

Professional development

Does your club offer opportunities for members to form new friendships and establish cross-generational memberships? Does your club facilitate connections both within the club and internationally for members based on their interests and hobbies?


  • Connect with members from different countries and cultures through Rotary Fellowships.  You’ll create lifelong friendships and inspire lasting commitment to Rotary. 
  • Companies continually strive to improve their products, operations, and environments to keep not only their customers happy but also their employees. Use our Membership Assessment Tools (PDF) to do the same for your club. 
  • If you’re looking for ways to connect and welcome new members, download Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide.