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The heart of Rotary is our dedicated members, who share the ideals of service, friendship, diversity, integrity, and leadership.

Rotary clubs bring together people across generations who wish to create lasting change in the world, in their communities, and in themselves. Rotary and Rotaract members around the world strengthen their connections to friends and neighbors taking action through service. From big cities to rural villages, Rotary is changing communities like yours.

Who is Rotary?

Club benefits

Your club connection gives you the chance to develop skills like public speaking, project management, and event planning. You’ll meet interesting people from your community and around the world. And you’ll tackle local and international issues that are important to you and your fellow club members.

Some clubs conduct all or part of their meetings online, for members who have a busy schedule, limited mobility, or live in an area without an established Rotary or Rotaract club. Online clubs, sometimes known as e-clubs, meet regularly, carry out service projects, support The Rotary Foundation, and socialize, like any other Rotary or Rotaract club, without the cost that often comes with meeting in person.

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Refer potential members, and we’ll help connect them to the right club. Only current members can refer new members. To refer someone to your own club, contact your club secretary.

Did you move? Has your schedule changed? We can help you rejoin your former club or find a new one that better fits your location and schedule.