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A labor of love

Supported by a Rotary
Programs of Scale award,
an initiative in Nigeria
seeks to reduce maternal
and neonatal mortality

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    Hot spots

    As temperatures rise, cities aim to transform heat islands and protect their citizens

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    A spectacular sight

    Rotary members across North America donned eclipse glasses and looked skyward during the 2024 solar eclipse

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  • Q&A

    Part of the movement

    Entrepreneur Claire Chiang, who will speak at the Rotary convention, reflects on a life — and business — of purpose

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    Together we promote global understanding

    Former U.S. assistant secretary of state recognizes Rotary's contributions on today’s most pressing challenges

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    Food of the future

    Can the curiously named breadfruit feed a warming world?

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    Rotary’s first first gentleman

    When his wife became Rotary president, Nick Krayacich found himself in a unique, challenging, and at times enviable position

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    Projects around the globe

    Learn how clubs are taking action in the U.S., Australia, Nigeria, Macao, and Suriname

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    Hope in grief

    With suicides rising in the U.S., Rotary members who’ve lost loved ones are determined to prevent more deaths

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    Engineer follows
    the science of water

    A Rotary scholar dedicates her expertise to altruistic causes

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