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Enhancing engagement

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Putting members and participants first

To ensure a strong future for Rotary, we must provide a fulfilling experience to every member and participant. Clubs are listening to what their members want and making changes to meet those needs while staying true to Rotary’s vision, mission, and values. By remaining flexible and receptive to new ideas, we make members and participants feel valued and respected.

We want our members and participants to find long-term value in their relationship with Rotary.

A group of Rotaractors in England formed a Rotary club tailored to the needs of young professionals who are establishing their careers and raising families. The Rotary Club of Maidenhead Bridge, Berkshire, meets twice a month on Sundays in a coffee shop. It’s casual — no toasts, no prayers, and no jackets or ties, though you may see a few children running around. Club members focus on skills-based volunteer opportunities, donating their time and professional talents to help community organizations with marketing and branding. The club has more than 50 members and continues to grow. 

The Rotaract Club of Abugida, Ethiopia, concentrates on a specific community need: maintaining a safe supply of blood. It has held a blood drive quarterly since it was chartered in 2004. Back then, one of its drives drew 30 donors. Today, they bring in 500. The club expanded its reach by partnering with the Ethiopian Red Cross Society and other local Rotaractors. By committing to a project that provides a vital service, the club has proved its value to the community and to its own members.

The Rotary Club of Vilnius Lituanica International, Lithuania, was founded by two Rotarians and a Rotaractor who wanted to create a flexible club that emphasizes global affairs and inclusivity. Half of its members are women — a rarity in a country where service organizations are often male-dominated. The club’s openness to innovation appeals to both current and prospective members.

In the Philippines, the Pilipinas Rotaract Multidistrict Information Organization partnered with Toastmasters International District 75 to help Rotaractors improve their public speaking skills. Rotaract members delivered short speeches to Toastmasters coaches, who provided constructive feedback while building their confidence. The collaboration gave Rotaract and Toastmasters members a chance to expand their networks and learn from one another.

Clubs are increasing their impact in their communities by:

  1. Asking what members, participants, and the community want and need from the club

  2. Examining their practices, culture, image, and the membership experience they offer to identify strengths and address issues

  3. Finding new ways to include everyone in leadership roles, service projects, and club activities

Building skills and community through Rotary

  • 11.00,713

    Rotary Community Corps worked with 4,028 sponsor clubs to serve their communities

  • 25.00,000+

    Rotarians, Rotaractors, and nonmembers in 27 Rotary Action Groups shared their passion for positive change by using their expertise to help districts plan effective projects

  • 93.00

    Rotary Fellowships allowed 60,000+ participants with a shared profession or interest to connect, build friendships, and make a difference

  • 965.00

    Learning Center courses in 20 languages were available to help members expand their professional and personal skills

  • 16.00,306

    Interact clubs brought together more than 375,000 people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills and serve their communities