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Reasons for giving

How does giving to The Rotary Foundation enhance your experience with Rotary?

  • Yuichi and Keiko Fukuhara

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    We hope our donation benefits those who need it most and we are grateful to Rotary for this opportunity. Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s also about making a difference.

  • Chung-Ming Leung and Phoebe Leung

    Hong Kong
    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    The Rotary Foundation is working towards creating a better world through programs and humanitarian projects. We wish to give others hope and to improve the lives of those in needs. We are pleased to be Foundation donors.

  • Jane Pennington

    Major Donor Level 1, Legacy Society

    I see my donations at work through Rotary Foundation grants awarded to my own club and clubs in my district. This practical, close-to-home demonstration of Doing Good in the World affirms my decision to support The Rotary Foundation.

  • Watson and Maely Travassos

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    Giving to The Rotary Foundation means caring for people. It teaches us how much we need each other, how some people’s selflessness can make a difference in the lives of others, and why this is something worth doing.

What impact do you hope your donation will have on future generations?

  • Mireille Merliere

    Bequest Society Level 6

    I am proud and honored to donate to The Rotary Foundation, recognized as one of the best charitable organizations by Charity Navigator. I’m happy to contribute to children’s education, enabling them to live better lives. Through my gift, I feel like a true Rotarian, which brings me peace.

  • Del W. and Roxanne E. Paterson

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    Our hope is that our donation to The Rotary Foundation will improve literacy rates for females and males around the world. Literacy is the key to success!

  • Carlos and Martha Sandoval

    Arch Klumph Society Platinum Trustees Circle

    When we think about tomorrow, we know that the time to act is today. It’s important that we implement sustainable, high-impact Rotary projects that, like the saying goes, teaches people how to fish rather than giving the fish away.

  • Cheng-Te and Shu-Wen Tsai

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    With a robust Rotary Foundation, we are Doing Good in the World and moving the mission of Rotary forward. We hope that by taking action together, we can create long-lasting impact, open opportunities, and change lives through service.

  • Otto and Fran Walter Foundation

    United States
    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    We are proud to provide resources for a new generation of professionals dedicated to conflict resolution, helping Rotary to create a future grounded in peace.

How does donating to The Rotary Foundation expand Rotary’s reach?

  • İlter and Suzan Ergürbüz

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    Everybody can do good, but if we do good through The Rotary Foundation, our impact is multiplied many times over. That’s why we donate to the Foundation. The more support we can give, the more we can expand our reach to solve problems.

  • Yvonne Kumoji-Darko

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    Donating to The Rotary Foundation enables the Foundation to support, through Rotary clubs, bigger and more impactful projects around the world. More lives are changed and society gains.

  • Duk-Sam Lee and Hyun-Suk Jane

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle, Bequest Society Level 1

    A way to show our gratitude is to donate to The Rotary Foundation. It is our duty as people of action to lend a helping hand when we are in trouble. It’s why we donate to the Foundation without hesitation.

  • Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle, Bequest Society Level 4

    I believe in the work of Rotary. My contribution to The Rotary Foundation is a small legacy I leave behind to carry out many more sustainable projects that will impact the world.

When you think about The Rotary Foundation’s future, what are you most excited about?

  • Johnny Gaw Yu and Veronica Yu

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    We are excited about seeing a major breakthrough in the improvement of human lives through Rotary and the eradication of polio.

  • David Gibson Moore

    United Arab Emirates
    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    When I think about The Rotary Foundation's future, I look forward to the overwhelming importance of advancing world understanding and serving to change lives.

  • Chuck and Becky Mason

    United States
    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle, Legacy Society

    We believe that when the world completely eliminates polio, we, as an organization, will feel energized and empowered to tackle other challenging issues.

  • Nirav Niranjan and Devina Shah

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    We are excited for bigger, bolder, and better projects that are sustainable and measurable, made possible through The Rotary Foundation.

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