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Reasons for giving

The generous contributions from our donors makes it possible to support projects that bring sustainable improvement to communities in need. 

  • Ravi and Paola Dakoju

    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    Contributing to The Rotary Foundation has been one of the biggest turning points in our lives. We believe that what you don’t need for yourself belongs to society. The contribution we made is something that rightfully belongs to society. We are delighted to be a part of Rotary and know that our contribution will create positive change in the lives of millions for years to come.

  • Augustine Ojunekwu and Victoria Avuru

    Major Donor Level 4

    We feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction to be able to contribute to The Rotary Foundation. It is in line with our commitment to philanthropy.

  • Joe “Joop” and Susan Ueffing

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    When we contributed to The Rotary Foundation, knowing our money will be spent wisely on projects that will change people’s lives gave us a tremendously good feeling. When Joop returned from an NID (National Immunization Day) in Cameroun in 2002, we realized the huge needs that existed in the world and said when the opportunity came, we would support the Foundation. We support maternal and child health and basic education and literacy, with an emphasis on educating girls and women. Educate a woman and you educate the world.

  • Stuart and Vivien Searle

    New Zealand
    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    We contribute to The Rotary Foundation because it is our main charity of choice and contributions are spent with no deductions. Our latest contribution has been designated to maternal and child health, an area most close to our heart.

  • Ken and Mary McLennan

    Bequest Society Level 6

    Having lived in Africa, we know what it means for people’s long-term well-being and health to develop through literacy and education. Rotary lets us support that.

  • Chantal and Tommy Bagwell

    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle, Bequest Society Level 4 

    As a longtime Rotarian and charter president of the Rotary Club of Forsyth County, Georgia, USA, we wanted to do more to support The Rotary Foundation. After it was announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was extending its 2:1 match for gifts to PolioPlus, we were inspired to become Arch Klumph Society members by making a gift to PolioPlus. We encouraged other Rotarians in Georgia to do the same and issued a 1:1 challenge match for each new AKS member, up to $3 million. With the Gates Foundation match, $18 million will support polio eradication. As parents of four healthy adult children we feel obligated to the children of the world to ensure no child falls victim to this dreaded disease. Meeting and playing golf with PolioPlus Ambassador Jack Nicklaus when he hosted a fundraiser for PolioPlus was a special treat and an opportunity to show our commitment to him and all Rotarians.

  • Tan Hian Hsin

    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    Since The Rotary Foundation is well organized and managed, I feel that all Rotarians should support the organization in their own capacity.

  • Patrick S.C. Poon and Wendy Y.P. Fok

    Hong Kong
    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to contribute to the greatest worldwide service organization. We believe that the stronger The Rotary Foundation is, the stronger Rotary International is, and the better the world community will be.

  • Chin Chia-Hung and Chang Chia-Mei

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    We are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to The Rotary Foundation with our modest intent, and to have some impact on the world.