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Rotary responds to Ukraine crisis

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At Rotary, we are deeply concerned by the ongoing loss of life and humanitarian hardship caused by the war in Ukraine. We’re using our deep networks and decades of experience to take meaningful action in the region.

Find out more about what Rotary is doing and how you can support relief efforts.

How we are taking action

We continue to provide support

Rotary members have already shown amazing generosity to the people of Ukraine. Because we continue to receive an outpouring of requests to provide humanitarian aid, The Rotary Foundation has created a new temporary fund. The Ukraine Response Fund is a response to the ongoing, urgent need and the wish of Rotary members to keep making a difference for people affected by the war.

You can help by making a donation to our Ukraine Response Fund until 31 December 2023.

  • Your past donations at work 

    Donations to The Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund from 3 March to 30 April 2022 were used to provide humanitarian aid to regions that supported Ukrainian refugees and others who were affected.

    Thanks to the generosity of donors around the world, we raised more than US$17.3 million that funded more than 400 grants that provided people with essential support.

    How to apply for disaster response grants

    Any district can apply for a disaster response grant in order to provide relief such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine to refugees and others affected by the war. A district can choose if it wants to spend the full amount on a district-sponsored activity or distribute the grant funding among clubs that will carry out the activities.

    The use of the grant needs to adhere to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Disaster Response Grants. Also note that for disaster response grants related to Ukraine:

    - District 2232 can have up to three open disaster response grants of up to US$100,000 each at any time.
    - Districts that border Ukraine can have one open disaster response grant of up to US$100,000 at any time.
    - Districts beyond Ukraine and its bordering districts that want to support refugees or other people who have been affected by the war can have one open US$25,000 disaster response grant at any time.
    - Districts beyond Ukraine and its bordering districts can use these grants in their own areas or work with clubs in Ukraine and the bordering countries to support relief efforts that will be implemented in that country.
    - Districts outside Ukraine that apply for a disaster response grant to support efforts in Ukraine or bordering countries need to identify a local Rotary entity and contact that will help implement or coordinate the project locally.

    To apply, the district governor and district Rotary Foundation chair need to complete the Rotary Disaster Response Grant Application for Ukraine and send it to

    Read the Disaster Response Guidelines

  • How to support local club and district-led efforts

    Many clubs and districts have organized local humanitarian response initiatives in Ukraine and the surrounding region. Find out how to engage with Rotary clubs and districts, find contacts for hosting refugees, and more local efforts. You can directly support these local projects.

    Download a list of relief efforts and relevant Rotary contact information (PDF)

    District 2232 (Ukraine) formed a committee to help people affected by the war. It identified urgent medical supplies to help injured civilians. Download the list of needed medical supplies (PDF).

  • Learn how Rotary is responding

    Rotary and Rotaract clubs in Europe and around the world are working with members nearby to provide information, transportation, medical equipment, and shelter for refugees.

    Find out what clubs are doing

  • Sponsor Ukrainian refugees

    Rotary is collaborating with Welcome.US, an organization working to engage more Americans in welcoming newcomers, with a focus on sponsoring refugees.

    Through Uniting for Ukraine, Rotary and Rotaract clubs and members in the U.S. can sponsor a person or a family that has fled the war and help them relocate to the United States.

    Sign up to be a sponsor today.

    Learn more about sponsorship by downloading the Rotary-Welcome.US flyer (Ukrainian version / Українська версія).

    If you have more questions, write to

    Find more resources and answers to some common questions on the Welcome.US website.

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Is your club or district taking action to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis? You can seek funding, volunteers, materials, and partners.

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