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Weapons and Rotary Clubs, districts and other Rotary entities policy clarification

In January 2017, Rotary International’s Board of Directors clarified its existing policy regarding guns in relation to the use of the Rotary logo and sponsorships. 

The wording of this long-standing policy was unclear, and as a result, Rotary members told our board they were often unsure what the policy did and did not allow. A key consideration was Rotary’s risk if a weapon was purchased at a Rotary event and then caused serious injury or death. Another objective was to ensure consistency in how the Rotary logo is used in the 200 countries and regions where we have clubs.   

The policy modifications made do not indicate an organizational stance on the appropriateness of gun use or ownership, nor do they limit anyone’s right to own or use guns.  This policy does not prohibit clubs from organizing sporting events such as duck hunts or skeet shooting. Instead, these policy clarifications address the questions raised by our members and provide clarity on our sponsorship guidelines and use of the Rotary mark.

Rotary is an international, non-political humanitarian service organization whose mission is advancing world understanding, goodwill and peace. We focus our efforts in six key areas including preventing diseases, providing access to clean water and sanitation, promoting peace, enhancing maternal and child health, improving basic education and literacy, and helping communities develop. We are especially dedicated to eradicating polio worldwide. Rotary members have persevered in this fight for more than 30 years, and have helped decrease the number of polio-affected countries from 125 to just three.

Rotary does not take positions on government policy in the United States or elsewhere, and the Board did not make the recent policy modifications for political purposes or effect. This policy was reviewed and modified by Rotary members elected to act in the best interests of clubs throughout the world. 

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