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Rotary Foundation Trustees establish targeted funds to aid Morocco

The Rotary Foundation Trustees established a new Morocco Earthquake Response Fund in September 2023 to support immediate relief efforts for people affected by the devastating earthquakes. Donors can give directly to relief efforts led by Rotary members.

Contributions will be accepted until 31 December 2023. Districts can apply for grants from the funds until 21 September 2024 or until the funds have all been allocated. Any contributions that haven’t been spent by 21 September 2024 will be transferred to the general Disaster Response Fund, to be made available for disasters worldwide.

How to contribute

You can give online, by check, or by transferring District Designated Funds:

How to raise money to support these funds

Anyone can start a fundraiser for the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund on Raise for Rotary. Remember that:

  • Raise for Rotary currently accepts 12 currencies and is available only in English.
  • Donations made through fundraisers for the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund on Raise for Rotary will be credited and recognized as described below.
  • Any fundraisers on a third-party platform such as Facebook or GoFundMe won’t offer these specific fund options and aren’t eligible for Foundation credit and recognition.

How contributions are credited and recognized

Gifts to the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund:

  • Count toward a donor’s total cumulative giving
  • Factor into Paul Harris Fellow, Paul Harris Society, Major Donor, and Arch Klumph Society recognition
  • Help the donor’s club achieve the 100% Foundation Giving Club banner
  • Are not credited toward a club’s Annual Fund giving, toward per capita or SHARE calculations, or toward generating DDF

Learn more about how gifts to the Morocco Earthquake Response Fund are credited and recognized.  

How to apply for disaster response grants

Disaster response grants are available to District 9010 to support communities affected by the Moroccan earthquake. The district governor and district Rotary Foundation chair of this district need to complete the disaster response grant application, which is available on the Grant Center landing page. The maximum grant amount is $50,000, based on the availability of funds, and the district may have two open grants at a time.

— 21 Sept 2023