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Disaster Response

With more than 1.2 million members worldwide, Rotarians are on the ground and ready to take action to help communities recover when disasters strike.

Rotary plays a unique role in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts. Working closely with our partner ShelterBox and other organizations that specialize in disaster relief, Rotary supports efforts that safeguard the long-term recovery of communities.

Rotary invests in or funds three phases of relief:

  1. Immediate response:
    Our local clubs and partners immediately offer helping hands and supplies
  2. Short-term assistance:
    Our clubs and districts help affected communities wherever we can through funds and materials to re-establish day-to-day operations
  3. Long-term rebuild:
    With district and global grants, the Rotary Foundation supports the work of our clubs to plan and implement projects, rebuilding sustainable economies for affected communities

Rotarians in Indonesia work with a ShelterBox Response Team on the Island of Lombok after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in August, killing hundreds. The team has provided temporary housing tents, tarpaulins, ropes, kitchen sets, blankets, ground sheets, mosquito nets, and solar lights, and tents to maternity and postnatal clinics. Learn more about our work with ShelterBox.

We provide the lasting relief needed to reconstruct local economies and infrastructure, and support our areas of focus:

Disaster help

The latest news on what Rotarians are doing around the world to help disaster victims.