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Our donors

  • Olufemi Adegoke

    Major Donor Level 4, Bequest Society Level 1 

    The good we can do in the world through The Rotary Foundation is what makes us proud to be called Rotarians. Giving to the Foundation has become a way of life.

  • Jamie and Patty Baisden

    United States
    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    Donating to The Rotary Foundation inspires donors like us to take action as we see how our contribution makes a positive difference in the lives of others. We are continually amazed by the breadth and depth of projects around the world.

  • Su-Mei (Amy) Chang Chen and Chiu-Ching Chang

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle 

    We contribute to The Rotary Foundation because we believe that “One who profits most serves best” and being involved in service is the best experience as a Rotarian.

  • Marco Antonio and Ansely Rosa Vicente Ginciene

    Major Donor Level 4

    Because we believe in Rotary, we contribute to The Rotary Foundation. It provides us the opportunity to help change people’s lives in many communities, not only in our country, but around the world.

  • Anthony L. and Rachel S. Jannetta

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle, Bequest Society Level 6

    We hope with our gift, The Rotary Foundation can continue their great work supporting and helping Rotary members improve and change so many lives across the globe, both now and into the future.

  • Taizoon and Edith Khorakiwala

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    Our charitable values are derived from our religion and our family. As the saying goes, “You give but little when you give of your possessions; it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

  • Heather Irene Nogrady

    Bequest Society Level 6

    Of all the gifts I have ever given, my legacy gift to The Rotary Foundation gives me the greatest satisfaction. It is exciting to be part of Rotary’s “imagined” future.

  • Hirosada Oyamada

    Arch Klumph Society Trustees Circle

    Because I joined Rotary, I ran my company with Rotary spirit based on the Four Way Test and our core values. My company’s current management team embraces that same spirit and I feel very grateful.

  • Changwoo Soh and Namyeon Suk

    Arch Klumph Society Chair’s Circle

    We will continue to give for the future Rotary members in our district. I hope that more members of the Rotary family decide to bequeath the value of Rotary to coming generations.

  • Edna and Martin Sutter

    Arch Klumph Society Foundation Circle

    Giving provides spiritual pleasure beyond measure. By donating to The Rotary Foundation, we hope to be sources of inspiration, faith, hope, and sincerity for others.

  • Lies van Wijngaarden

    Major Donor Level 2, Legacy Society

    I am confident that the Rotary Peace Centers program helps prevent conflicts and that with the environment as an area of focus, we will make an important contribution to a more livable world.

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