Lifecycle of a Service Project (Part 4): Project Implementation

Tue, 25-Mar-2014 6:00 pm (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Rotary International is pleased to present this five-part webinar series to support the Rotary family in producing sustainable service projects.

The series will highlight different strategies, best practices, and Rotary resources available to help clubs and districts undertake successful, sustainable service initiatives, using real-life examples from Rotarians.

In this webinar (part 4 in the series):

• Learn best practices for implementing your project and leading volunteers

• Understand how to define and coordinate roles and responsibilities within your project team

• Learn how to manage your service project budget

Space is limited to 500 attendees, so register today!

Note: Webinar times are shown in US Central Time. Please use the World Clock Meeting Planner to determine the time the webinar will take place in your area: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

We recommend that you join the webinar 10-15 minutes before the start time to ensure you are able to connect.

Langue: English

Understanding Young Professionals

Wed, 19-Mar-2014 10:00 am (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Recorded on 19 March 2014. This webinar is intended to help members better understand the perceptions and needs of young professionals. Led by Rotary staff and a market research professional, this webinar will:

• Provide background on the Young Professionals Campaign, an organization wide initiative to attract and engage younger members

• Share research and findings from focus groups of prospective members in the 25-to-40 age range across U.S. markets, revealing what young professionals think about Rotary and how they fit volunteering into their busy lives

• Present strategies and best practices to help your club recruit younger members

This webinar is password protected. To obtain the password, please email RotaryYPC@rotary.org .

Langue: English