Frequently Asked Questions

Your account

Who can create an account?

  • Anyone can create an account. You don’t have to be a Rotary member, but your access to certain areas is determined by your membership and role in Rotary.

How do I create an account?

  • Simply click the Sign In / Register button, followed by the Create Account button. After answering a few questions, you’ll be sent an email asking you to activate your account.
  • Tip: If you encounter browser issues after clicking the link provided in the email, try again with one of the recommended browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or 10). From the email, right-click the "Activate your account" link to copy the web address. Open a new browser window and then paste the link into the address bar.

How do I change my password?

  • Go to your profile (on desktop, click on your name at the top of any page; on mobile, tap the blue profile icon). Open the “Sign-in email & password” tab. Open the "Account Setting" tab. Passwords must be at least eight characters, with at least one lowercase letter, and one number. In addition, your password may not contain any part of your sign-in email address.

How do I change my sign-in email?

  • Go to your profile (on desktop, click on your name at the top of any page; on mobile, tap the blue profile icon. Open the “Account Settings” tab. Go to Sign-In Email and click “Change”. You will then be directed to a page where you fill out a “Change your Sign-in Email” form. You will be required to enter your new sign-in email and password. After entering the new sign-in email and existing password, a message is sent to your new email so it can be activated.

What is a security question?

    • A security question helps us verify your identity when you’re making changes to your account, including resetting a password. The answer to your question must have at least four characters.

Signing in

What parts of the site require that I sign in?

  • Signing in to My Rotary gives you a customized experience and easier access to tools and information that are relevant to your role and activities, such as a customized homepage. But most of the site is accessible without signing in. You will be prompted to sign in to secure tools and applications and areas like Discussion Groups and the grant application tool.

How do I stay signed in?

  • You can stay signed into the site for up to 28 days as long as “Remember me” is selected when you sign in.

How do I sign out?

  • Hover over your name at the top of any page (on mobile, tap the blue profile icon) and click “Sign out” in the drop-down menu.

Why do I get a message saying I have limited access when I go to certain pages?

  • You might receive this message if your role does not give you access or your new role as a club or district leader has not been updated in our database. You can try signing out and signing back in to activate any recent changes made to your role. If you think your website account doesn't have the correct privileges, please contact

Browsers and devices

What browser should I use?

  • The site is optimized for modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or 10. We recommend you upgrade your existing browser or install a new one from these choices. The site is not optimized for IE8 and older browsers, and your experience on older browsers will not be ideal. 

What is compatibility view?

  • Compatibility view is a setting for Internet Explorer. If you are using IE9 or 10 and you receive a compatibility view message, you may need to change your global compatibility view settings. In IE, go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings, remove from “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View,” and uncheck “Display all websites in Compatibility View.”

Can I use the website on my smartphone or iPad?

  • The site is designed to display on screens of different sizes, so the mobile experience is greatly improved. It will automatically adjust to your screen size, and it's optimized for iPad and for Android and iOS phones. Some applications on the site haven't been updated and might not function or display as well on smaller screens.

Profile page

How do I get to my profile?

  • Once you have signed in to My Rotary, click your name at the top of any page to go to your profile.

Who can see my profile?

  • While everyone who creates a My Rotary account has a profile, only Rotarians and Rotaractors can share their profiles with each other. In addition, you have control over what information you share. Next to any profile item is a "lock" icon, which you click to control your settings. An open lock indicates you are sharing that information with Rotarians and Rotaractors. A closed lock indicates no one else can see it. To view your profile as others see it, click on "View your public profile."

Can I edit my Rotary Resume in my profile?

  • No. The Rotary Resume section displays information that Rotary has for you in our database. If you see an error in a field that isn't editable, please contact to have it corrected. New features will be added to the profile page in the coming months. Please check back regularly to revisit your profile, update your information, and build connections with other Rotary and Rotaract members.

Discussion groups

How do I find a group?

  • Click Find a Group under the menu heading Exchange Ideas. You can then search by keyword to find a group that is discussing topics of interest to you.

How do I join a group?

  • If the group is "Open" click the Join button. If the group is "Invite Only" you can ask to join by clicking the Send Request button.
  • At this time, only Rotary and Rotaract members may join a group.

How do I start a group?

  • Click on Start a Group under the menu heading Exchange Ideas. Write a brief but catchy summary of your group’s topic to attract new members, and upload an image that reflects its activity. Then choose whether to keep the group invite only or to make it open. Open groups and their discussions are open to all members of the community.

How do I connect with other members?

  • When viewing a group, click the Group Members tab and then click the "See list of all group members" link. You can then click on a member's name to view their profile and click the Connect button. For now, only Rotary members and Rotaractors may connect.

Member Access

Where is Member Access?

  • All of the tools and applications previously available in Member Access are built into the new site to make it easier to carry out your Rotary tasks in one integrated, secure site. You’ll find club- or district-related links under Club & District Administration. You can update your contact information and view links to your donor history and other personal information on your profile.

Where are my club and district reports?

  • Your club and district reports are available under Reports in Club & District Administration. You may be asked to sign in again if more than four hours have passed since you first signed in.

How do I update data for my club or district?

  • You can manage club and district data in Club & District Administration. You may be asked to sign in again if more than four hours have passed since you first signed in.

How do I report my club goals?

  • Use Rotary Club Central to report your club goals, including membership, service, and Foundation giving. After signing in to My Rotary, click the View Goals button in the My Club Snapshot section on the My Rotary homepage.

Where are my workgroups?

  • You can find your Rotary Workgroups on your profile page.

Why can’t I access my reports?

  • If you’re unable to access your reports, it may be because your new role as a club leader has not been updated in our database. If you think your account doesn't have the correct role, please contact

Location/language selection

How do I change the language on the site?

  • Click on Location/Language at the top of any page. Choose your language from the selections in the right column. 

Finding a club/Joining Rotary

How do I recommend members?

How do I find a club?

  • Use the Club Finder link at the top of any page to search for Rotary and Rotaract clubs. Club Finder also allows you to search for Rotary e-clubs. You can search by location, meeting day, meeting time, club type, or keyword.

How do I join Rotary?

  • Clubs accept new members by invitation, so we recommend you first reach out to a club in your area to learn more. Use Club Finder to find a local club, then click on the Contact Club button to reach out to an individual club.


Where is ProjectLink?

  • ProjectLink has been incorporated into Rotary Ideas, our new crowdsourcing tool, where you can post your project’s needs as well as search for projects you want to support.

Who can post a project in need of resources or volunteers?

  • The following club leaders can add a new project on behalf of their club:
    • Presidents
    • Secretaries
    • Treasurers
    • Membership chairs
    • Foundation chairs
    • Executive secretaries/director
    • Rotaract club presidents

If you’re unable to post a project, it may be because your new role as a club leader has not been updated in our database. If you think your account doesn't have the correct privileges, please contact

How do I volunteer, contribute to, or partner on a project?

  • Browse projects in need of your expertise, funding, or contributions. Search by keyword, club, language, or topic including area of focus, fundraiser, and polio. You can also filter your search by most popular, recently added, and more. Once you’ve found one that’s right for you, click on the project to learn more and find contact information.

Where do I post my finished club project?

  • Post details and photos of your completed projects on Rotary Showcase, which helps you share your project story with the Rotary world and Facebook friends.

Document Center

How do I find a specific document?

  • You can find most of Rotary’s documents and publications in the Document Center. Browse the most popular documents on the main page or search by category, file type, date created, or language. You can also search by keyword, title, and in some instances, publication number.

Member data integration

How do I connect my club membership database with Rotary’s?

  • You can link your local database to Rotary International’s member database by working with one of our providers. Find more information in the Tools section under Manage.


How has search been improved?

  • You can search for documents, pages, and even clubs using the improved search function. Click on “pages” to search just webpages, “documents” to search only documents, and “all” to search across both. Use the filters to narrow your search. Applications, tools, and links to functionality that is secure, such as the Club & District Administration section, are now included in search (current exceptions: Rotary Club Central and Rotary Ideas applications). We will be adding people, groups, and discussions to search in the future.

What are search filters?

  • After you execute a search, you will see a set of search filters on the left. Selecting one or more choices under category, file type, or time will narrow your search. Try not to select too many choices, or you might not get any results at all.

What if I don’t find what I’m searching for?

  • The search is brand new and will improve even more as you help us fine tune the search engine by using the site. You can contact us with questions about content you are not finding easily.

Contact information

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