Putting our new look to work

Brazil District 4590 used Rotary’s new visual identity when promoting Arbor Day activities on social media.
Australian Rotarians are adopting the new look and friendly new voice for their website.
North American Zones 25 and 26 show how to effectively use the logo and mark of excellence on a web page.
The Rotary Club of Sao Paulo Morumbi now shows Rotary’s new logo at the top of their website.
Rotarians in Ridgeway, Illinois, USA, provided an eye-catching ride for RI President Ron Burton and his wife, Jetta.

Rotary’s new visual identity has everyone talking. Some Rotarians like it and are already using it, as you can see in the examples above. Others aren’t so sure. Even RI President Ron Burton admits to being skeptical during the early stages of the Strengthening Rotary initiative. But after asking many tough questions, he’s become a believer.

“At the end of the day, we’re going to be way ahead on our public image and what people think and know about Rotary,” says Burton.

As you begin incorporating the new guidelines into your communications, keep the following in mind:

  • Clubs do not need to discard any unused materials. We encourage you to follow the new guidelines on materials you create in the future.
  • Clubs can use the free fonts recommended in the guidelines as an alternative to the two recommended fonts that require licensing fees. It’s your choice.
  • Your Rotary pin will not change. It remains the blue-and-gold metal logo that identifies Rotarians worldwide.
  • The Strengthening Rotary initiative extends far beyond our visual identity. It offers a new way to tell our Rotary story.

Updated guidelines highlighting the flexibility of the voice and visual identity recommendations will be available in the coming weeks with more tools and templates to follow.

“You’ve got to capture their eye,” says Burton of the new look. “If you capture their eye, you can capture their heart.”

See more examples of how clubs are adopting the new identity.

Download the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines and review the frequently asked questions.

Read how to Help Strengthen Rotary’s Image and a news release explaining why it’s important to Rotary’s future.

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