Packaged grants

Packaged grants are designed by Rotary and our strategic partners to help you carry out large-scale, sustainable projects. Because we've taken care of selecting partners, raising funds, and designing the project, you can focus your energy and expertise on bringing the project to life.

What they support

Like global grants, packaged grants support our areas of focus and can include scholarships, humanitarian projects, and vocational training. The key difference is that the project's framework is provided for you.

We offer nursing scholarships and training for health educators with our partner Aga Khan University. With our partner UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, we fund scholarships for water and sanitation professionals. Vocational training and medical service teams work with our partner Mercy Ships.

How to use them

Your role could include:

  • Assessing community needs and identifying those who could benefit from a project
  • Selecting and mentoring scholars
  • Assembling teams of professionals for peer-based training
  • Providing technical expertise or direct service
  • Promoting and publicizing activities
  • Monitoring and evaluating the project

Packaged grant applications are accepted throughout the year and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Districts and clubs must complete the qualification process before they apply.

How they’re funded

Packaged grants are fully funded by The Rotary Foundation through the World Fund and our strategic partners, meaning no cash or District Designated Fund contributions are required. Packaged grants are ideal for clubs and districts with limited financial resources or that have experience developing large-scale grants.

Application deadlines

Deadlines vary by partnership. Apply by the dates listed in the overviews below for Aga Khan University, Mercy Ships, and UNESCO-IHE. For questions, contact

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