UNESCO-IHE scholarship applications now available

The Rotary Foundation and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education are offering up to 10 scholarships for graduate study at UNESCO-IHE's Delft campus in the Netherlands. The aim is to increase the number of trained professionals who can devise, plan, and implement water and sanitation solutions in developing areas. The scholarships also are designed to promote long-term relationships between Rotary members and skilled water and sanitation professionals.

Scholars will receive a Master of Science degree in urban water and sanitation, water management, or water science and engineering. The application deadline is 15 June.

Review the application toolkit and scholarship terms and conditions.



#1   Submitted By Yasna Berdeguer on 14-Mar-2016 08:34 pm

Pueden ser hijos de Rotarios los postulantes a las becas.

#2   Submitted By Yacoub Coulibaly on 15-Mar-2016 02:53 pm

so I'm an interpreter, I was in a company of interpretation, because I always needed to improve my level in english language, and to go forward, have diplomas, and again the country where I live specially Mauritania has a lot of problems regarding water, so doing studies in that sphere will help me a lot in order to acheive my goal

#3   Submitted By Hilary Galiwango on 17-Mar-2016 12:29 am

A young water resources engineering professional in Uganda my beloved country faces a lot of challenges as a developing country to ensure sustainability of our natural resources and safe drinking water provision to the remote areas. I would like to be a contributor in bridge the gap and UNESCO-IHE masters programes will be a great stepping stone in my career.

#4   Submitted By Oshaque Ali on 23-Mar-2016 03:05 pm

Hi Iam Dr Oshaque Ali. I have graduated in medicine in Cuba...i have passed 7 years in Cuba very happy and with study in medicine ,,but i want to go other country for my improve practice in medicine.....

#5   Submitted By Yvan Ndayiragije on 25-Mar-2016 07:34 am

Bonjour je suis du Burundi d'ou j'ai terminé mes études sécondaires,et j'espère bien poursuivre avec les études universitaires.Dans mon pays,ou il y a encore beaucoup de burundais qui peinent à trouver de l'eau potable pour leurs besoins quotidiens.En bénéficiant de cette bourseUNESCO-IHE,je contribuerai à l'élaboration de tels projets surtout dans le monde rural ou cette précarite se présente en majorité

#6   Submitted By Laurette KAZE on 26-Mar-2016 08:44 am

Bonsoir, je suis burundaise et j'ai terminé mes etudes secondaires. Au Burundi l'insuffisance de l'eau cause beaucoup des problemes même là où on la trouve parfois elle est sale et la population la consomme comme ça ce qui est dangereux à notre la santé. C'est dans ce but que j'aimerai beneficier de la bourse UNESCO-IHE pour que je puisse aider mon pays. Merci

#7   Submitted By Amina Sammo on 1-Apr-2016 01:06 pm

Hi My name is Amina from Ghana. I am an accountant by profession and will very much be happy to study a course that will enable me take care of placing the adult orphan away from the orphanage and the institutional system

#8   Submitted By Francisco Giménez on 2-Apr-2016 09:00 am


#9   Submitted By Nowiah Gorpudolo on 4-Apr-2016 01:15 pm

Good, thanks to UNESCO ! Please can we have some fellowships in Medicine or Public health?


#10   Submitted By Tanmay Mahajan on 5-Apr-2016 11:06 pm

I am very much interested



#11   Submitted By Dauda Musa S on 8-Apr-2016 02:03 am

Its a good development considering the demand for sanitation officer's.

#12   Submitted By Asad Lashari on 8-Apr-2016 12:39 pm

i am student by proffession please provide  me any scholarship 

i would be thankfull to your sir


#13   Submitted By EDOUARD NGABIZIRANGA on 9-Apr-2016 04:51 am

I m Edouard NGABIZIRANGA, Rwanda, I am vry happy to review these scholarship opportunities, I wish to Increase my accademic knowledge and skill especially in water management so that i can contribute to the sustainable development of my country Rwanda as well as Worldwide in general through effecace use of water resources,


#14   Submitted By Stephanie Chibueze on 10-Apr-2016 04:44 am

I'm a student and would love to apply for a bachelor in science,nursing scholarship.

Pls help me,you will not be disappointed

#15   Submitted By Jummy Pierrisma on 12-Apr-2016 03:54 pm

Je suis un rotarien du district 7020, j'ai une licence en Patrimoine et Tourisme de l'Universite d'Etat d'Haiti. J'aimerais etre l'un des boursiers du programme de master que le Rotary propose afin de mieux servir la communaute .

#16   Submitted By Glen Ejuren on 19-Apr-2016 12:28 pm

Good day, I am a civil engineer and I am new here though but will very much like this opportunity to study more on how to make available portable drinking water for my community.

#17   Submitted By Biniam Shimelis on 21-Apr-2016 03:00 am

Can Rotaractors of similar background apply for this program?  

#18   Submitted By Foday Jorh on 25-Apr-2016 04:08 am


 Good morning all, 

I new here. I have completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science. I will like to do my postgraduate studies in Computer Science.

#19   Submitted By Anicet Niyonkuru on 28-Apr-2016 08:18 am

I am a native of Burundi, I did chemistry at the University, given that my final study focused on water and that our country needs expert on water and sanitation; I am very interested in this opportunity.

#20   Submitted By Alberto Palombo on 28-Apr-2016 02:59 pm

We need to thank Andras Szolly-Nagy, my good friend and fellow Rotarian, who was Rector at UNESCO-IHE when this agreement was established.  I will look into candidates from the Americas, since I am also the Secretary of the Inter-American Water Resources Network (and a Rotarian, of course!)

#21   Submitted By Bauderel TELAKEU on 2-May-2016 03:03 pm

De toute évidence, œuvrer au bien-être de l'Humanité tout 'entière c'est l'affaire de tous! Merci UNESO-IHE!

#22   Submitted By Negasa Soboksa on 6-May-2016 07:13 am

conditional accepted  then what is next dears ?

#23   Submitted By thu win on 28-May-2016 05:20 am

I am very interested in this program. However, I do'nt know how to apply this scholarship.

#24   Submitted By CARLOS Botelho on 9-Jun-2016 12:40 pm

Atenção, meu sobrinho de nome Pedro Henrique de Castro Dias, há algum tempo se inscreveu para participar do concurso de bolsa  de estudos de pós-graduação para Instituto Unesco-IHE , para cursos na área hídrica no campus de Delft, Holanda.  Seu objetivo é o de aprimorar seu grau de conhecimento  e aumentar sua qualidade como profissional treinadoe especializado para  que possam criar, planejar e implementar soluções para problemas relacionados a água e saneamento em países em desenvolvimento e emergentes como o nosso (Brasíl) em face das carências de profissionais especializados na área, e assim, promover relacionamentos produtivos entre rotarianos e profissionais qualificados do setor hídrico e sanitário. Gostaria dessas informações, pois meu sobrinho tem grande expectativa de ser selecionado para esta bolsa de estudo. 

Aguardo maiores informações de que procedimentos mainda devo adotar para que possa concorrer a uma vaga.