Register for a special Jubilee of Rotarians celebrated by Pope Francis

Rotary members worldwide are invited to join President K.R. Ravindran in Rome on 30 April to celebrate the Jubilee of Rotarians, a special event hosted by District 2080 and the Vatican. His Holiness Pope Francis will celebrate a Jubilee mass in St. Peter's Square, where 8,000 seats will be reserved for Rotary members, friends, and family.

This Jubilee, as established by Pope Francis, is a commitment to serve with joy and in peace across the world.

More information is available on the Jubilee of Rotarians website. Seats are still available. Register now!

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#1   Submitted By Ranjit Majumder on 18-Feb-2016 04:37 pm

It's wonderful idea to celebrate the Jubilee established by Pope Francis to serve with joy and in peace

across the world. I am equaly proud of our Rotary President K. R. Ravindran to confluence with the Pope in the Jubilee with clear goals of - advancing peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies. We work together with all other positive forces to create a better world for everybody! 

#2   Submitted By Bedarius Shylla on 19-Feb-2016 02:51 am

This President Rtn K R Ravindran is fantastic. I am really proud of him. On 12 february when he visited our district  3240 at Guwahati, India, he made us feel great to be within reach and talk to him. The Jubilee of Rotarians, is also another event where I believe many of us will join Pope Francis to create a better world. I have registered. Two from our club have registered. Hope many others will join.

#3   Submitted By Moses Aghedo on 20-Feb-2016 03:30 am

it's a privilege to have a Mass to be celebrated by His Holiness Pope Francis, happening in our lifetime as Rotarians.

 May we Rotarians continue to serve humanity in good frame of minds and in excellent health as we await the Jubilee celebrations, Amen.

#4   Submitted By Luis Torres Leal on 20-Feb-2016 10:09 am

Es un privilegio el tener la oportunidad de celebrar con el Papa Francisco, el Jubileo de Rotary por trabajar para lograr la paz a traves del servicio.

#5   Submitted By Ambrogio Locatelli on 20-Feb-2016 12:09 pm

We Italian Rotarians are  proud to welcome rotarians from everywhere to celebrate the special Jubilee of Rotarians in Rome with His Holiness Pope Francis.

this is a unique opportunity  for our  lifetime, come All

#6   Submitted By Donald Omorogbe on 20-Feb-2016 04:06 pm

This is great and is unique opportunity to have the Pope celebrate mass for Rotarians 

#7   Submitted By Agborpasschal O... on 22-Feb-2016 01:48 am

Wonderful opportunity to celebrate the jubilee year of mercy with the Pope. This is another first by the RI president. Rotary my Rotary!

#8   Submitted By Jesus Maria Mar... on 22-Feb-2016 06:58 am

Es un privilegio unico, tenemos un Gran Papa, es una oportunidad.   Vamos al Jubileo



#9   Submitted By Carlos Buritica N. on 22-Feb-2016 02:04 pm

Excelente oportunidad para orar por la paz mundial, viva Rotary.

#10   Submitted By T. K. Life Chang on 24-Feb-2016 11:01 am


#11   Submitted By Joseph Owusu Yeboah on 24-Feb-2016 02:27 pm

It is great for the Rotary Family to meet Pope Francis to cerebrate Mass together on the 111years Jubilee Cerebration and the year also been The Year Of MERCY declared by The Pope.

#12   Submitted By Maria Goretti W... on 26-Feb-2016 08:00 am

I am Indonesian Rotarian. This is an excelent oportunity for me to meet Pope Francis to celebrate together on the Year of Mercy. Thanks to God if I can attend this mass on the Year of Jubilee

#13   Submitted By Vita Maltese on 27-Feb-2016 07:09 pm

Ottima opportunità per incontrare a Roma amici rotariani provenienti da tutto il mondo, quasi come ad un congresso internazionale,  ascoltare le parole del Presidente Ravindran  e quelle di papa Francesco con la sua benedizione .

#14   Submitted By Giuseppe Perrone on 28-Feb-2016 03:25 am

The Jubilee marks the time of forgiveness and reconciliation, a time of solidarity, hope and justice. It is a commitment to serve with joy and in peace with our brothers and sisters.
We are committed, together with all Rotary Clubs of the District 2080, to make this event as memorable as it was that one of March 11, 2000, when we were received by Pope St. John Paul II.

Rome, with its history, art, culture, science, economy, will be the ideal setting for a rich complementary program that will soon be made accessible to all.

We hope to see you here.

Giuseppe, DG 2080

#15   Submitted By Leslie Lee on 4-Mar-2016 03:40 pm

Please remember we are a non political and non religious organisation 

#16   Submitted By Ihionu Ekene Morgan on 6-Mar-2016 01:52 am

To God be the glory as we celebrate mass with our own pope on that special day,as rotary mark thier jubilee year,,,,we are very special once 


#17   Submitted By Alexander Uwaoma on 7-Mar-2016 08:15 am

Thank God for this opportunity and it is so encouraging and heart full filing that they are being celebrated. Rotary is good at all time. 

#18   Submitted By Theresa Osei-Tutu on 8-Mar-2016 10:34 am

Special moment.  Two of my special institution in one place.

#19   Submitted By María Teresa Va... on 8-Mar-2016 07:18 pm

Excelente noticia, rezaremos con Él desde Olmué, Chile.

Trasmitirán la Misa por el canal catolólico EWTN ? Ojalá asi sea.

#20   Submitted By Virgilita Hechanova on 9-Mar-2016 08:46 am


Nice opportunity for the Rotarians to celebrate regardless of religious affiliation... More power!

#21   Submitted By Eseosa Ikponmwosa on 11-Mar-2016 03:08 pm

Nice opportunity to celebrate with Pope

#22   Submitted By Chwukwumezie Umetti on 15-Mar-2016 03:46 pm

Awesome indeed to  be a gift to the world and opportunity/honour to celebrate mass with pop,with Ri president.

#23   Submitted By Cosmos Mac-Gilbert on 15-Mar-2016 05:08 pm

'' I would ask you to convey to all the members of Rotary International, to all your colleagues throughout the world, the expression of my esteem for the efforts you are making on behalf of humanity. May your generous service render honor to your respective countries and be reflected in the joy of your daily lives. My special greeting goes to your children and to the elderly at home, and my prayers include the many intentions that you carry in your hearts. May God sustain Rotary International in the noble cause of reaching out to serve humanity - humanity in need''.

Pope St.John Paul to Rotary convention in Rome,1979

#24   Submitted By Virginia Estimada on 15-Mar-2016 09:53 pm

 As a newly graduate president of Centennial Club of Quezon City Dist 3780, it's great opportunity to Serve Humanity. Rotarians are so Lucky to celebrate mass with the Pope! May God continues to love all the Rotarians all over the world for Peace and Unity. God Bless us All!

#25   Submitted By Martins Eboigbe on 17-Mar-2016 03:59 am

a lifetime experience, a unique opprtunity to worship with the POPE while serving humanity.