Grant brings clean water to thousands in Ghana

Investing in clean water could save 2.5 million lives a year. We can't afford not to protect the world's water supply. Take action with Rotary to create access to clean water.

Worldwide, more than 748 million people live without access to clean water and at least 3,000 children die each day from diarrheal diseases caused by unsafe water. Rotary is working to change that. For example, members used a Rotary grant to drill more than 20 clean-water wells and to repair another 30 in villages across Ghana. The project also included education about and treatment of Buruli ulcer, a debilitating infection that if untreated can lead to disability and death. Nearly 70,000 people will benefit from this initiative.

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#1   Submitted By Marcos de Faria... on 22-Mar-2016 01:46 pm

Orgulho de ser rotariano

#2   Submitted By Wilson Soares on 22-Mar-2016 07:19 pm

     Parabéns a todos o Rotarianos que fazem parte desse projeto, isso me enche de orgulho em fazer parte desse Time que se dedicam em melhorar a qualidade de vida daqueles que mais precisam.

#3   Submitted By Abraham Castillo on 22-Mar-2016 10:16 pm

Muchas felicidades a Rotary por tan exelentes programas que desarrollan en el mundo beneficiando a los que menos tienen y mas lo nesecitan


#4   Submitted By Jimia Yassin on 23-Mar-2016 03:10 am

Clean water for better livelihoods..Rotary changing lives :-) 

#5   Submitted By Frank Kofi Owus... on 23-Mar-2016 06:30 am

I am proud be the the President of the club responsible for this incredible work and I salute every Rotarian both home and abroad for being a gift to the world. I can't think of a better world without Rotary. Thumps up!!!!

#6   Submitted By Jim Berger on 23-Mar-2016 02:17 pm

As it is impossible to over estimate the value of clean water, I would like to have more information.

1.  Is this water well project available in all/other under developed countries?

2.  If yes, what countries?

3.  Does Rotary partner with other groups in this project.

4. Does Rotary have any programs going in El Salvador?

Thank you

Jim Berger

Pittsburg Sunrise Rotary


#7   Submitted By Valmor Drechsler on 23-Mar-2016 05:18 pm

Parabéns a todos Rotarianos pelos excelentes programas que benificiam tantas pessoas necessitadas. Tenho orgulho de ser Rotariano.

#8   Submitted By MILAGROS SANCHE... on 24-Mar-2016 11:46 am

Maravilloso proyecto, aca en Venezuela Distrito 4380  tenemos serios problemas de agua y de sanemiento ambiental. Debemos motivarnos por esta area de interès co mas furza. Rotary Medanos de Coro ha trabajado con saneamiento ambiental de una comunidad a traves de subvension Distrital con resultados excelentes.

Les felicito amigos




#9   Submitted By Tishamika Lee on 24-Mar-2016 04:32 pm

This is a reason to be thankful for what we have access to everyday and I am proud to be a part of such a good cause.

Thank you

Tishamika Lee - Madera  Ca. Rotary

#10   Submitted By Pieter DE BEUS on 25-Mar-2016 01:31 am

Truly a gift to the world this grant

#11   Submitted By Juanita Pinder on 26-Mar-2016 08:13 am

When I see great projects such as this, it makes me proud to be a Rotarian making a difference in the lives of so many persons in the world!

#12   Submitted By Roseli Piazera on 26-Mar-2016 07:41 pm

Tenho orgulho em fazer parte deste  grupo de pessoas que fazem a diferença no mundo

#13   Submitted By Salvador Medina... on 27-Mar-2016 09:05 am

No cabe duda que participar como rotario sin importar la parte del mundo donde estemos, genera este tipo de sueños hechos realidad. Fomentemos el apoyo a la Fundación Rotaria. Felicidades a todas las personas que tuvieron la suerte de participar directamente en este proyecto.

#14   Submitted By DONISETE FUZARI on 28-Mar-2016 02:42 pm

São ações como esta que me fazem cada vez mais ter orgulho em ser um rotariano!!! Parabén a todos nós que fazemos parte desta família.

#15   Submitted By Carol McClaugherty on 28-Mar-2016 05:07 pm

Congratulations Walter Hughes and Michael.  This visual of the good work of 7550 is truly awesome.

#16   Submitted By Maurílio Barbosa on 29-Mar-2016 02:25 pm

fazer parte deste imenso e valioso grupo me traz muita felicidade amo o Rotary

#17   Submitted By ramzi guerrassi on 29-Mar-2016 04:55 pm

Salut tout monde


 l'eau si la vie pour nous

#18   Submitted By Orlando Nascimento on 30-Mar-2016 09:33 pm

Que belo trabalho do Rotary, parabéns para a nossa entidade. 

#19   Submitted By Martin Nyamai on 31-Mar-2016 02:19 am

This is great work!!

#20   Submitted By MariaAna Muller on 31-Mar-2016 06:50 pm

     A alegria está estampada no rosto das pessoas que agora tem água limpa! Essa iniciativa do Rotary merece os aplausos do mundo!

#21   Submitted By Catalina Hernan... on 3-Apr-2016 12:36 pm


#22   Submitted By Susana Guillen Lopez on 3-Apr-2016 10:43 pm

Impresionante colaboración y tambien de alguna forma tomar conciencia  sobre  su cuidado y uso.


#23   Submitted By M. Azizur Rahman on 7-May-2016 02:11 am

Clean water is very important for daily life. Rotary doing this job for years together and apprecited worldwide. Rotary club should work together to help each other for supply of clean water to needy people.


#24   Submitted By Angel Jimenez I... on 23-May-2016 11:48 pm

An inverse osmosis plant can be powered euro solar Panels And it generates hundreds OF liters Of drinking water from contaminated waters with arsenic. This is comon in towns where there are mining activities.

If you want to colaborate to save many live, pelease contact CLUB ROTARIO LA PAZ GUAYCURA (

#25   Submitted By Geraldo Rafael ... on 13-Jun-2016 09:15 am

Como rotarianos podemos ajudar as pessoas nos mais longincuo lugares pelo o mundo. Parabens ao rotary