Ensure recognition for your Interact clubs

Interact clubs are making a positive difference in schools and communities around the world. Leaders of sponsor Rotary clubs and districts should make sure their Interact clubs get the recognition they deserve by verifying that they qualify for a Presidential Citation.

First, ensure that the Interact club status is active in Rotary's database by checking the Listing of Club-Sponsored Organizations report in . If a sponsored club is not listed, submit the Interact Club Certification Form by 1 March.

Then, verify by 15 April that your Interact clubs have qualified for the citation. You'll find a list of sponsored Interact clubs in the Club & District Administration section, under Reports.

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#1   Submitted By Maria Elisabeth... on 28-Feb-2016 05:30 pm

Boa Noite! Sou Maria Elisabeth Ferracini, Presidente 2015/16 do Rotary Club de Sorocaba Novos Tempos e gostaria de inscrever nosso Interact na Menção Presidencial , mas não estou encontrando o formulário de Organização de Interact Club para poder inscrevê-los. Poderiam me auxiliar a encontrar o formulário?

Muito Obrigado

Maria Elisabeth Ferracini

Rotary Club De Sorocaba Novos tempos

Presidente 2015/2016


#2   Submitted By Lanie Dador on 28-Feb-2016 08:25 pm

Good  day! 

This is Lanie Pimentel Dador , President of Rotary Club of Metro Cagayan de Oro under District 3870, our club has organized one new Interact Club of MOGCHS , 2 section of G10 Class of Newton and Einsteen with the supervision of their moderation an class afdviser Ms. marissa Yap and Melodina Palma. 48 students were already submitting their application. Orientation were given last January 30, 2016 with the assistance of Rotaract Club of Carmen Valley thru Mr. Jundee Taruc. 

#3   Submitted By Anuradha Gupta on 29-Feb-2016 12:37 am

Good Day,

This is Anuradha Gupta, President of Rotary Club Moradabad Central under Dist.3100. Our club have sponsored one new Interact Club of C.L. Gupta World Schhol, Ramganga Vihar, phase 2, Moradabad. 244001. INDIA. under the Chairmanship of Rtn. Himanshu Garg. Class Advisor is Mr. Anon Pramanik.

#4   Submitted By Elisa Nilda Alberto on 5-Mar-2016 09:06 am


This is WCP Elisa Nilda G. Alberto of RC Virac. The club organized another Interact Club (school-based), the Catanduanes National High School Interact Club registered last Dec. 17, 2016. Orientation conducted last Sept. 12, 2016.


#5   Submitted By Yu Mei Chiu on 5-Mar-2016 11:15 pm


#6   Submitted By Yu Mei Chiu on 5-Mar-2016 11:16 pm


#7   Submitted By Carla Edith Jimena on 8-Mar-2016 04:25 am

HI this is WCP Carla Jimena of RC Los Banos Makiling, RI D3820 and we have established our Rotaract of Makiling last August 2015  and (2) two interact clubs in Putho tuntungin and Timugan Los Banos National Highschool last December 2015. Pls consider our submission as well.



Carla Jimena

#8   Submitted By Lance Woods on 10-Mar-2016 10:22 am

Greetings to all Rotarians,

Today we are having a Festive breakfast cerimomy. Celebrating "Rotary of Signal Hill's"  first "Interact club" in 51 yr's. of existence. 

There are 33, 12-14 yr. old students. We have (4) teachers facilatating the club with a sub-committee of (5) Rotarians from Signal Hill.

We are feeding all the students and their parents breakfast. (Pancakes & scrambled eggs).

We had a local business donate black polo shirts with the new baby blue Interact Logo on shirts. They each get a Interact Pin, and  a custom made "Interact Club Member Certificate".

The Rotarians in our club are so excited to see the impact we will make in these young peoples lives.


Lance V. Woods

Asst. Membership Chair.


#9   Submitted By William Phillips on 15-Mar-2016 12:25 pm

Attempting to certifiy the Summertown (TN, USA) Interact Club and have been getting a system error for approximately two weeks.  Has anyone else run into this?

Bill Phillips, PP-RC of Lawrenceuburg (TN, USA)

PS: We have notified data services.


#10   Submitted By Elizabeth Salazar on 21-Mar-2016 12:38 am

Interact Club Pasay City North High School Main M. Dela Cruz Street. Pasay City, Manila, Philippines register for what club

#11   Submitted By Gavin Woods on 23-Mar-2016 03:27 pm

Can't verify Stornoway/Nicolson Institute Interact Club.  Site claims I have limited access or am not a club member.  I am however a member of Rotary Club of Stornoway (Vice President).

#12   Submitted By Ashwin Patel on 27-Mar-2016 07:47 pm

This is ASHWIN PATEL, President of Rotary Club Thane Paradise under Dist.3140. Our club have sponsored one new Interact Club of EVERSHINE ENGLISH MEDIUM  Schhol, KALHER VILLAGE, BHIWANDI, THANE. INDIA. under the Chairmanship of Rtn. SANDEEP .Class Advisor is Mr. ANITH.

#13   Submitted By Susan Lim on 1-Apr-2016 10:25 am

THis is Susan Lim, President of Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise. Our interact club is SMK Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.  How can I get a President Citation for the Interactor Club President? Thanks.


#14   Submitted By Lynda Day on 1-Apr-2016 04:12 pm

Perdido Key Rotary started participating with Pensacola High School Interact Club and will continue a Interact Club is up and running at Escambia High School next year. This is our first time participating with Interact. How do we get credit on the Presidential Citation for joining an existing Interact as a co-sponsor?

#15   Submitted By Laudenir Gobbi ... on 4-Apr-2016 08:22 pm

Olá Amigos! Sou secretária do Rotary Club de Araruna - Paraná - Brasil e afirmo que nosso Interact Club é a extenção do nosso Club. Os Interactianos trazem alegria e energia para nosso Rotary e Rotaract.  Eles merecem, bravamente, a Menção Presidencial. Somos orgulhosos de nossos meninos(as). 

#16   Submitted By Elizabeth Jackson on 13-Apr-2016 06:52 pm

Submitted by: Elizabeth Jackson  on 04/13/16

This is Elizabeth Jackson,  President of East Palo Alto Bayshore.  I would like to be able to edit the date on my club, at Palo Alto High School Interact Club,  incorrect is: 12/04/16, it should say 12/04/15.  Also, I would like to verify that my club qualify for the presidencial Citation as of 04/13/16. 


#17   Submitted By Rajesh Malhotra on 15-Apr-2016 04:45 am

This is Rtn. Rajesh Malhotra, President of Rotary Club of Delhi Akash. One of our interact clubs - Mira Model School, Janak Puri have been working very hard and have done more than 45 projects so far. They also fulfil the critaria for Presidential citation by completing 6 of the 8 requirements. 


#18   Submitted By Rajesh Malhotra on 15-Apr-2016 04:55 am

This is Rtn. Rajesh Malhotra, President of Rotary Club of Delhi Akash. Our another interact club - Darbari Lal DAV Model School also qualifies for the Presidential Citation. Credentials verified.


#19   Submitted By Rajesh Malhotra on 15-Apr-2016 11:39 pm

This is Rtn. Rajesh Malhotra, President of Rotary Club of Delhi Akash again. One of our active interact club - Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh, unfortunately is not being shown in the list - they also qualify for the Presidential Citation. Please advise what should we do. Thanks

#20   Submitted By Luis Hernandez ... on 17-Apr-2016 04:16 pm

I´m Luis Enrique Secretary of our Rotary Club, our Interact is in it´s first year and have put a lot of time and effort integratrin youngsters, participating in proyect´s with Rotaract´s and community; They have a positive roll in ther school. In our community this Interact Club is the first afther 30 years of the last one.

In our Club consider they have the goals to be consider for the presidential citation, I hope you confirm pur validation.

Thank you.

#21   Submitted By Edwin Eddy on 18-Apr-2016 02:03 pm

I am the President of Gulf Breeze Rotary Club. We sponsor a local Interact Club at Gulf Breeze High School. We have done so for years. This year our Interact Club under the leadership of Olivia Zokan completed 6 of the activities necessary to earn the Presidential Citation for Interact Clubs. I tried to enter the required information last week and then again today. I am not able to tell if I have been successful. This is very frustrating. 

#22   Submitted By Chandeshwor Shrestha on 1-May-2016 08:24 pm

I am the President Elect of Rotary club of Patan West, RI District 3292 Nepal-Bhutan. We have a Interact club at Tika Vidyashram High School, Sanepa Lalitpur. 

#23   Submitted By Chandeshwor Shrestha on 1-May-2016 08:25 pm

I am the President Elect of Rotary club of Patan West, RI District 3292 Nepal-Bhutan. We have a Interact club at Tika Vidyashram High School, Sanepa Lalitpur. 

#24   Submitted By K. B. Shahi on 17-Aug-2016 12:52 pm

I am the Past President of Rotary club of Baglung, RI District 3292 Nepal-Bhutan. We have a Interact club at Holy Child School, Baglung. It was founded on 15 March 2008. The club certificate was lost some were. What shall we have to do to get new certifacate?