District leaders set to celebrate Foundation’s centennial

The Rotary Foundation has been improving lives since 1917. Learn about our work and help us celebrate 100 years of doing good in the world.

Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith asked district governors in training at the International Assembly to lead the celebration of the Foundation's centennial year, 2016-17.

"You are the primary contacts between the Foundation and our 34,000 Rotary clubs in the world. The success of the centennial celebration is largely in your hands," said Klinginsmith at a 19 January general session. "Catch the spirit and spread the word about the importance of celebrating our success."

Since the Foundation was established in 1917, it has spent more than $3 billion on programs and projects to improve the lives of millions worldwide, said Klinginsmith.

The centennial celebration officially kicks off in May at the Rotary Convention in Korea and culminates at the 2017 convention in Atlanta.

District plans for the centennial

Governor-elect Tom James Markos of District 5100 in Oregon, USA, says he is proud to be serving during such a historic year. He plans to promote the centennial not only to his district's members, but also through local media.

"We need the public to be aware of what we've accomplished," says Markos, who has set a district goal of raising $1 million for the Foundation during the centennial year.

Bill Proctor, incoming governor of District 7080 in Ontario, Canada, believes the centennial year is an opportunity to "refocus and reeducate" members on the importance the Foundation's work.

"We have so many accomplishments to celebrate," said Proctor. "We need to use the momentum of the celebration to strengthen the Foundation's future."

Share your centennial photos and stories on social media using #TRF100.

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#1   Submitted By M Khairul Alam on 25-Jan-2016 02:10 pm

"Since The Rotary Foundation was established in 1917, it has spent more than 3 billions on programs and projects to improves the lives of millions worldwide. " what an achievement by the Rotarian! Feel proud to be a Rotarian. Rtn PP M Khairul Alam, RC Dilkusha Dhaka, RID 3281, Bangladesh 

#2   Submitted By V. Santha Kumar on 26-Jan-2016 12:14 am

proud to be a rotarian

#3   Submitted By Nanakchand Gupta on 26-Jan-2016 10:12 am

TRF is only the tool where Rotary is able projet its service loganisation world wide& improved the lives of millions of people.It will be fittig tribute Arch C.Klumph the founder if all the Dostricts join to accomplish maximum number of humanitarian projects by Global Grants participation.

#4   Submitted By Sergio Romero B... on 26-Jan-2016 05:27 pm

Una forma de conmemorar el centenario de LFR es aumentar el número de proyectos con Subvenciones Globales GG y así como lo dice el nuevo lema estarán La Fundación y Rotary la Servicio de la Humanidad. Rotariamente PDG Sergio Romero Barradas Presidente del Comité Distrital de LFR Distrito 4185, México.

#5   Submitted By Yoshio Hattori on 26-Jan-2016 07:06 pm


さらに、我々が2016-17年にできることを考える。 そして、できる限り多くの DDF と グローバル補助金を利利用した、VTT,ロータリ平和フェロー、その他の奉仕プロジェクトに挑戦する。 国際ロータリー2760地区 服部良男

District 2760 Aichi, Japan

#6   Submitted By Yuiko Miyasato on 26-Jan-2016 08:15 pm

I am so proud to be DRFC this year as we are celebrating the centennial of The Rotary Foundation. I will share distinguished achievements of TRF in the past 100 years and bright future of Rotary International with my fellow Rotarians in my district 2660 Osaka, Japan. Cheers!

#7   Submitted By NARASINHA JOSHI on 27-Jan-2016 01:27 am

recently our club got grant from TRF it is unbelivable !!


#8   Submitted By Kinana Fakhoury on 27-Jan-2016 06:43 am

Im so proud to be a Rotarian ... 

#9   Submitted By Shalma Rahman on 27-Jan-2016 09:05 am

I'm proud member of Rotary & also a beneficiary of The Rotary Foundation.... A foundation allumnus ..Group Study Exchange team member.....Shalma Rahman, Charter President, Rotary Club of Chittagong North, Past Assistant Governor, RI District 3282, Bangladesh

#10   Submitted By Adewale Adesokan on 27-Jan-2016 10:02 am

I'm  proud to be a Rotarian having graduate from Rotaract to Rotary. It joyous to witness the Rotary centennial year in 2005 and now the centinneial of the engine room of Rotary, the Rotary Foundation. Let's continue to do good in the world and we must see to the end of Polio.


from Rotary Club of Ibadan-Ring Road, D9125, Nigeria.


#11   Submitted By Joseph Owusu Yeboah on 29-Jan-2016 01:14 pm

I 'm proud to be a Rotarian ,many communities in my Region have benefited from The Rotary Foundation.

#12   Submitted By Rtn R. Krishna on 30-Jan-2016 08:58 am

The Rotary Foundation...Doing Good in the World.......exemplary service for the last 100 years...


#13   Submitted By Ilknur Özer on 31-Jan-2016 12:24 pm

I am proud  to be a rotarian and I will attend the ınternational Convention in 2017 for celebrating centennial TRF at Atlanta.


#14   Submitted By Laura García Gómez on 1-Feb-2016 02:49 pm

 Festejar el centenario otorgando mayor número  de subvenciones  a los clubes, en beneficio de sus respectivas comunidades,logrando  "Servir más a la humanidad "

#15   Submitted By Cornelis van der Pol on 1-Feb-2016 03:16 pm

2016-17 is a Banner Year for us...

Rotary Foundation = 100th

My country of Canada = 150th

My community of Nakusp = 125th

Our Rotary Club's Signature Project = 50th

#16   Submitted By Danielle Ogandaga on 15-Feb-2016 06:11 am

Vu le travail accompli, je suis fière d'appartenir à cette grande famille du Rotary. Des hommes ordinaires qui accomplissent des choses extraordinaires.

#17   Submitted By Phillip Beggs on 23-Feb-2016 03:05 am

How can I download this video to my computer to play at District Assembly this weelend