Rotary condemns deadly attack on polio security personnel in Pakistan

Rotary members and our partners in the fight to eradicate polio offer our heartfelt condolences and express a deep sadness in the wake of a horrific bomb attack in Quetta, Pakistan, that took the lives of at least 15 security personnel on 13 January.

This tragic attack outside a polio immunization center is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by Rotary, our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and the brave women and men on the front lines of our effort to protect all children from the paralyzing effects of polio. While the bombing will be investigated, one thing is clear: The security personnel who were killed died because their job was to protect teams of polio immunizers. We applaud the government's commitment to continue the vaccination campaign throughout Pakistan, which is one of only two countries where the poliovirus is still endemic.

Today we pause to honor the sacrifice made by the heroic police officers killed. Yet our 30-year commitment to end polio remains steadfast. Even as we absorb the horror of this bombing, we are redoubling our efforts to educate families and build confidence in the safety of polio vaccines, and to engage community and religious leaders to support our campaign.

We are closer than ever to achieving a polio-free world. Vast improvements have been seen in Pakistan, with more than 80 percent fewer cases in the country than in 2014. In order to stop polio in Pakistan in 2016, we must ensure the safety of vaccinators to reach every child.

And today, our release of $35 million in grants for polio eradication signals our determination to finish the job to which thousands of courageous individuals have committed themselves, and to never forget the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives in this effort.

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#1   Submitted By Vinod Ladda on 14-Jan-2016 09:24 am

Disease causing agents do not differentiate Boundries,race,religion,ethanicity,party politics etc. They attack everyone. At the end, everybody is the human being. Everyone should involve in the process of eradication of disease-causing agents.Polio is also enemy of humanbeing. Don't stop the process of its elimination.we are really at few steps away from its eradication.

#2   Submitted By Al Fedoriak on 14-Jan-2016 12:22 pm

We have virtually eliminated polio, unfortunately we have deteriorated in another critical area that being peace and conflict resolution.  When will the people of the world come to the realization that more lives are lost as a result of religous, ethnic, racial and political conflicts than polio is taking today or may even have taken on a daily basis in the past. It seems like it is time to refocus and take a serious look at peace and conflict resolution as a challenge as we did with polio.

#3   Submitted By Megh Raj Jagriti on 16-Jan-2016 05:02 am

The last mile and the last steps are often the hardest, harder the beginning. We shall not give up and give in.

#4   Submitted By Vijaya Dar on 17-Jan-2016 04:08 am

Today we carried out Polio Immunization Drive in our small town of Coonoor. We had 25 booths where volunteers and Rotarians administered Polio drops to not only children resident here but also to visitors and tourists. The energy levels were high amongst the administrators as well as the public. 

In our town we have a very sizeable population of Muslims who are in the forefront of the Polio Immunization drive. Today, a majority of the parents who brought children to the booths were Muslims and they were as distressed as us at the unfortunate events in Pakistan. Not one of them had any doubts about the necessity of the Polio immunization program.

It is tragic that well-intentioned people are made victims of an illiterate, obscurantist leadership of a whole community. Perhaps, more than Polio immunization, the priority should be given to literacy, education, peace and conflict resolution in countries like Pakistan & Afghanistan, the last two Polio affected countries on the planet. 

#5   Submitted By Anne Speraw on 18-Jan-2016 05:19 am

I am so sad to read of this horrible attack on people who were there to help irradicate Polio.........we know we are "this close".  It is too bad we are not "this close" to educating ignorant people.

#6   Submitted By António Gomes on 20-Jan-2016 04:15 am

Rotary should abandon its neutral position on political systems and religions. Why are not all the same. Rotary should promote human development but at the same time freedom and gender equality.

#7   Submitted By Feroz Shah on 22-Jan-2016 10:34 pm

Peace is essential for Polio eradication in Pakistan and particularly in FATA-Pakistan. Peace is the only solution, that is why I applied twicely to Rotary Peace Fellowship but not selected.I was the only one candidate from the said fellowship from the war and conflicted affected tribal areas of Pakistan.

In near future I will apply for the World Rotary Peace Fellowship 2017-18, with a hope that the RI will give me an oppertunity to be the Peace fellow and the Peace ambassador  to promote  the policy of "Prevent war and promote peace"