Travel & Expenses

All Rotary travelers must follow Rotary's travel policy, which includes guidelines for expenses and reimbursement. We cannot reimburse you for travel expenses you incur before your travel has been authorized. It is your responsibility to pay for travel arrangements not funded by Rotary.

How do I submit my travel request?

Rotary business travel

Once you're authorized to travel on Rotary business, such as attending a training meeting or an event, you can make your travel arrangements for flights, hotels, and car rentals or mileage reimbursement using the Rotary travel form. Email your completed form to one of the designated travel agencies that work with Rotary International Travel Service (RITS). A travel agent will contact you.

Rotary grant travel

Rotary grant-funded travelers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. You can work with Rotary International Travel Service, if you wish. Learn more about Rotary grant travel and working with RITS.

How do I get reimbursed for my travel expenses?

Rotary reimburses travelers for reasonable and necessary business-related expenses. You should submit your completed expense statement with all required documentation, preferably as a single PDF, via email directly to Rotary's Accounts Payable department at to request reimbursement. 

Expense forms

Can I donate frequent flyer miles?

Yes! Find out how to participate in our Rotary Miles program.