Member data integration

Reporting your membership data to Rotary International is easier than ever. By linking your local database directly to the main Rotary International membership database, you can:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks
  • Ensure that Rotary has your latest club and membership information
  • Receive an accurate club invoice (Rotary International dues and fees)
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry

Choose a provider

Rotary has partnerships with several club management providers. You can download the list of providers to see their integration options and contact information. Here are just a few of our providers:

Download a list of providers


Phone: +1-877-469-2582


Phone: +1-252-257-2563 for a free 60-day trial


Phone: +1-315-292-1925



Phone: +46 8 57021548

Sign up and activate

Contact your provider of choice and sign up on their website. Once you're enrolled with a provider, you should:

  1. Sign in to your My Rotary account.
  2. Go to Club Administration and select "Add or remove vendor partner organization".
  3. Choose your provider from the Partner Organization drop-down list.
  4. Click "I Agree" to activate the agreement. Your provider is now shown in the name field.

Note: If you're already using one of our participating partners, you still need to activate the agreement.

After you activate your agreement, make sure that your integration will work properly:

  1. The direct integration option is selected on your provider's side
  2. Your club ID and member IDs in your provider's database match the IDs in Rotary's database.
  3. Your club is not temporarily terminated for nonpayment of dues.
  4. Find out what data your provider has rights to update. Check the provider list.

Also, keep in mind that Rotary receives only the information that members choose to share.

Simplify sign-in

You also have the option to integrate login information for your site and My Rotary. This value-added service allows Rotarians to use the same sign-in email address and password for both websites.

Providers can choose to offer this service to Rotarian audiences, or clubs can request it. No authorization from the club is necessary. Contact your participating database provider for more information.

integration is already offered for:

  • Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland
  • District 1050
  • District 1060

Partner with us

If your database provider or website administrator isn't a partner, ask them to consider working with us. If you are a provider and want to partner with Rotary, please contact us for more information.