Club & District Administration

Access applications, forms and documents to carry out club and district tasks, such as updating club, officer and member data; running reports; paying dues; viewing contribution information; chartering a club; and more. You will need to sign in to access this section. (Note: Club & District Administration contains many of the links formerly available via Member Access.)

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These digital resources can help you update your club or district website with Rotary news, images and member data, share ideas and tools with other members, and access Rotary on the go.

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Rotary Brand Center

In the Brand Center, you’ll find Rotary logos, editable templates, official identity guidelines, ads and images, and other materials to produce club and district logos, flyers, newsletters, brochures, emails, business cards, websites, and other communications (sign-in required).

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Our online catalog includes a wide selection of membership, training and public relations materials, DVDs and books, certificates and awards, and more.


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Find Rotary-themed products from more than 160 licensed vendors around the globe.

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Travel & Expenses

Book Rotary travel, view currency exchange rates, download forms to submit expense reports, and access travel information.

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