District committee

District committees rely on the leadership qualities that have made you a successful club leader. By appointing you to a committee, your district governor has recognized that your skills, experience, and enthusiasm will help drive initiatives and support club and district activities and functions.

All committees collaborate with governors before and during their terms to establish district goals.

Learn more about your role and committee in the District Committee Manual.

Recommended committees

These are the recommended standing district committees that address ongoing functions and activities:

District conference

District conferences are an opportunity for clubs to exchange ideas and showcase their achievements. The District conference committee plans and promotes the conference. To encourage attendance:

  • Publicize the conference to the media, community leaders, and beneficiaries of club service efforts.
  • Work with the district trainer to offer a district leadership seminar during the conference.

District programs and activities

Your experience with service and youth programs helps clubs improve their communities. Your district may have specific committees to promote and administer Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Friendship Exchange, Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and individual Avenues of Service. As a committee member, you also:

  • Coordinate district efforts related to your committee’s program.
  • Identify ways for your district program to cooperate with non-Rotary service organizations.


Your committee works with the district governor to identify communities that need new clubs. You help organize new clubs by:

  • Identifying communities without Rotary clubs that have a population capable of meeting the requirements for chartering a new club.
  • Finding communities served by existing clubs that could benefit from new clubs.


Maintaining transparent financing and good stewardship makes sure that clubs remain in proper financial standing with RI and the district. Your committee supervises district funds and prepares annual reports on the status of the district’s finances. You also:

  • Create a district budget in cooperation with the governor to be submitted to clubs at least four weeks before the presidents-elect training seminar or the district assembly.
  • Ensure that proper income and expense records are kept.

Learn more about this committee in the District Finance Committee Resource Guide.

Membership development

By attracting new members and keeping existing members, we strengthen the clubs of tomorrow. Your committee identifies strategies that will grow membership and promotes them to district clubs. Together you:

  • Plan and conduct district membership seminars with the governor-elect and district trainer.
  • Coordinate activities with the extension and public relations committees that support membership efforts.
  • Encourage clubs to attract professionals in the community who can bring different perspectives on its needs.

Learn more about membership development.

New Generations

Your committee develops and supports initiatives that help students and young professionals become strong leaders. Specifically, you:

  • Encourage clubs to expand opportunities for young people by forming relationships with other organizations.
  • Coordinate with the Interact, Rotaract, RYLA, and Youth Exchange committees.
  • Promote New Generations Month (September).


Your committee nominates the most qualified Rotarian to serve as district governor. Together you:

  • Conduct a fair and open selection process.
  • Interview all candidates for governor, who can be suggested by clubs or by the committee.

Public relations

Effective public relations strategies can boost the positive impact a project has on a community. Your committee promotes Rotary to the public and fosters understanding, appreciation, and support for our programs. In particular, you:

  • Contact the media with stories of projects and events in the district, and share these stories through social media.
  • Promote the End Polio Now campaign, our areas of focus, grant successes, alumni activities, and awards to clubs.
  • Encourage clubs to make public relations outreach a priority.

Learn more about publicizing service projects.

RI Convention promotion

At our annual convention, we gather with fellow Rotarians from around the world to share our stories, ideas, and experiences. To encourage Rotarians in your district to be part of the convention:

  • Attend club and district meetings to promote the event.
  • Provide convention materials and information.

Learn about the upcoming RI Convention.

Rotary Foundation

As part of this committee, you educate clubs about the Foundation and inspire them to support its programs and fundraising activities. There are subcommittees for fundraising, Rotary grants, PolioPlus, and stewardship.

Your committee works to:

  • Coordinate all Foundation fundraising and program participation.
  • Decide how to use the District Designated Fund in consultation with the district governor and governor-elect
  • Help the governor conduct a district Rotary Foundation seminar for club presidents, presidents-elect, club Foundation committees, and other Rotarians.

Learn more in the Lead Your District: Rotary Foundation Committee manual.


At district training meetings, club and district leaders prepare for their roles and connect with each other. Your committee oversees the district’s training plan and supports the district governor and governor-elect. You also:

  • Help with the logistics of training events, including the program, speakers, training leaders, and evaluations.
  • Consult on training issues for the district Rotary Foundation seminar and district membership seminar.
  • Support club trainers.

Learn more about what trainers do in the Lead Your District: Training.

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