Coordinators & Advisers

Your club and district leaders have access to a team of experts in membership development, fundraising and grants, and public relations, who can use their professional expertise and specific Rotary knowledge to help you achieve the priorities of Rotary’s strategic plan: support and strengthen clubs, focus and increase humanitarian service, and enhance public image and awareness. These coordinators and advisers serve as trainers and consultants at Rotary institutes, governors-elect training seminars, regional meetings, and district seminars. The regional coordinators team includes:

  • Rotary coordinators
  • Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators
  • Rotary public image coordinators
  • Endowment/major gifts advisers

Rotary coordinators

Rotary coordinators offer support and know-how to boost your club membership and keep members engaged. With your region’s specific needs in mind, Rotary coordinators:

  • Encourage innovative strategies for attracting and engaging members
  • Emphasize member engagement by encouraging Rotarians to participate in effective volunteer and networking activities
  • Strengthen clubs by identifying and sharing best practices with club and district leaders
  • Help districts and clubs develop and implement their own strategic plans

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Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators

Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators serve as a key resource on all Foundation-related topics, including grants and grants management, fundraising, and programs such as PolioPlus and Rotary Peace Centers. In addition, they:

  • Encourage Rotarians to continue to support PolioPlus – the highest priority for Rotary International
  • Support clubs and districts in their Rotary Foundation fundraising, especially contributions to the Annual Fund
  • Teach clubs and districts about Rotary grants

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Rotary public image coordinators

Rotary public image coordinators have expertise in the fields of public relations, journalism, or communications. By combining their business backgrounds with their Rotary experience, they:

  • Increase recognition of Rotary's humanitarian work by sharing the Rotary story
  • Help club and district leaders share Rotary’s successes with the community and media, local civic and government leaders, nongovernmental organizations, and similar entities
  • Regionalize Rotary's public image efforts

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Endowment/major gifts advisers

Endowment/major gifts advisers serve as a key resource for major gift and endowment fund matters in your region. In addition, they:

  • Work closely with regional and district leaders to develop personalized plans for identifying, cultivating, and soliciting major gifts
  • Help facilitate events that engage current Foundation supporters and develop prospective donors

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