Grant Travel Insurance

By booking your grant-funded international air travel through BCD Travel, you automatically receive insurance coverage that meets Rotary International's travel insurance requirements. This insurance will be in effect for the duration of your grant project or studies. As a result, Rotary doesn't require you to purchase travel insurance coverage. You can choose to buy additional insurance coverage, but it won't be paid for by your grant.

Domestic travel insurance

Although domestic travelers don't book their travel through BCD, they can still receive travel insurance coverage (excluding medical coverage). To receive this coverage, you must submit a completed travel report form. If you don't submit the form, you will not be covered by this insurance.

Your insurance documents

Please review the insurance documents before you depart. Learn about your coverage and whom to contact in an emergency.

  1. Print your identification card.
  2. View insurance summary.
  3. View description of your coverage.
  4. View frequently asked questions.
  5. Print a claim form.

We strongly advise printing your identification card and carrying it with you at all times during your grant travel. It includes contact information for the travel emergency assistance provider, which can help you obtain medical care if you are injured or ill outside your home country.