From international events and celebratory dinners to training meetings and parliamentary assemblies, our members, their families, and friends of Rotary meet regularly to exchange ideas, share interests, and celebrate our diverse perspectives.

International Convention

Rotary’s largest event, the annual RI Convention, brings together Rotary members and the family of Rotary from around the world for inspiration, information, and fun!

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Council on Legislation

The Council on Legislation, which meets every three years, is the legislative body of Rotary International.

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Foundation dinners

In celebration of their generosity and humanity, the following donors are invited to dinners held in their honor:

  • Major Donors
  • Arch C. Klumph Society members
  • Bequest Society members

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International Assembly

The International Assembly is our annual training meeting for incoming district governors and their spouses or partners.

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Small meetings

The coordinators institute gives the following team of experts the opportunity to meet and work together to better serve their districts:

  • Endowment/Major Gift advisers
  • Regional Rotary Foundation coordinators
  • Rotary coordinators
  • Rotary public image coordinators

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Expo Milano 2015

Rotary will be front and center at Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, where visitors from around the world will have the chance to learn how Rotary is creating positive change in our communities.

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