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Growing up in northern Ghana, a particularly arid region of a parched land, Braimah Apambire saw how a lack of access to water can sap a community's vitality – and how something as simple as a catchment or pump can transform lives. Apambire,... Read more >


International convention

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Lina Aurelio and Peter Audino had something the other one wanted. Rotary Ideas helped them find each other.

Aurelio’s club was looking for $3,000 to buy eyeglasses for needy children... Read more >


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Howard Buffett is on deadline. In 2006, his father, U.S. investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett, challenged him to do something great in the world – and gave him $1 billion to do it. So he gave himself 40 years to spend every penny in a bold... Read more >


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Dave Mars owned a commercial printing company in Los Angeles. He was the one who asked my father to join the Wilshire Rotary club in 1982.

"How did you know Dave Mars?" I ask.

My father mulls over this for a while but doesn't come... Read more >