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Rotaract Clubs

Guide for our members

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Through Rotaract clubs, young people ages 18 and older develop leadership and professional skills, exchange ideas with community leaders, and have fun through service.

Here is everything you need to know about creating a strong Rotaract club.

Download the Rotaract Handbook to learn how to:

Interested in joining a Rotaract club?

Contact a local Rotary club to find out if your area has a Rotaract club. Ask the club if you can participate in its next meeting, service project, or social event.

Find a Rotary or Rotaract club near you.

  • Start a Rotaract club, recruit members, and elect officers
  • Support Rotaract clubs as a sponsoring Rotary club
  • Get involved in the community
  • Find networking or mentorship opportunities
  • Build successful clubs
  • Plan effective service projects

Make it official

When you’ve reviewed the basics, organized your members, and elected officers, you can apply for a charter from Rotary International. Here’s what to do:

How to develop dynamic clubs

Become partners in service

Rotaract clubs thrive when they work with committed sponsor Rotary clubs. Download our handbook to learn more.

Update club and member information

Clubs must update their contact information annually in My Rotary to maintain their active status so they can continue receiving updates from Rotary International. Clubs that keep their contact information updated will appear in Club Finder.

How to develop sustainable service projects

Before you start a service project, review the basics in the Rotaract Handbook (PDF). Then organize your fellow members, partner with other clubs or districts, and form a plan. Here are some resources to help you:

Rotaractors in action

How to promote Rotaract

  • Customize promotional cards and posters with details about your Rotaract club or download a Rotaract banner from Rotary's Brand Center.
  • Work with Rotary’s licensed vendors to design your own materials or buy supplies.

A world of opportunity for Rotaract members

Rotary has so many ways to get involved. Connect Rotaractors to Rotarian Action Groups, Rotary Fellowships, and Rotary Friendship Exchange.

How Rotary’s district leaders support Rotaract

District Rotaract chair

District Rotaract chairs are Rotary members appointed by district governors. Download Lead Your District: Committee Chair to learn more about the role of committee chair.

District Rotaract representative

A district Rotaract representative is a Rotaract member elected by clubs in their district. They work to improve communication among Rotaract and Rotary clubs and coordinate joint activities and projects. Download the Guide for District Rotaract Representatives to learn more about this role.

District Rotaract committee

The district Rotaract chair and district Rotaract representative serve as co-chairs of the district Rotaract committee. They work with committee members to support Rotaract clubs, ensure that club information is up to date, plan leadership training events, and coordinate district service projects. Here are some resources for district leaders:

Rotaract multidistrict information organizations

Rotaract multidistrict information organizations (MDIOs) connect Rotaract clubs across several Rotary districts. Working within a country or region, these groups bring Rotaractors together to exchange ideas and network with other young leaders.

Connect online

How to engage with The Rotary Foundation

Important dates

Check the Rotary calendar for a list of observances and due dates. Here are just a few important dates for Rotaract clubs:

  • August — Membership and New Club Development Month
  • 7-13 October 2019 — Rotary Alumni Reconnect Week
  • 1 February — Rotaract Outstanding Project Award nominations due
  • 9-15 March 2020 — World Rotaract Week
  • 25 April — Global Youth Service Day
  • May — Youth Service Month
  • 5-6 June 2020 — Rotaract Preconvention, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 27 June–1 July 2020 — Interota 2020, Hong Kong
  • 15 August — Rotary Citation for Rotaract Clubs nominations due

Do you have a district, multidistrict, or international event coming up? We’ll include your event details in our Young Leaders in Action newsletter. Contact us at


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