Fri, 13-Mai-2016 9:30 am (45 min)

Level: Beginner


• ソウル市や大会が行われる高陽市、大会会場である「KINTEX」での移動
• 本会議、分科会、ホスト組織委員会行事の注目プログラム
• 国際交流を楽しみ、新しい友人をつくるためのアイデア
• プログラム冊子の活用方法
• 大会前と大会中に役立つリソース

Sprache: 日本語

Achieving Fundraising Success

Thu, 12-Mai-2016 10:00 am (30 min)

Level: Intermediate

The Rotary Foundation helps Rotarians do good in their communities and around the world. Join Rotary staff as they share volunteer tips for fundraising, helping your club to do more good around the world.

Sprache: English

한국 국제대회 오리엔테이션 웨비나

Wed, 4-Mai-2016 9:00 am (60 min)

Level: Beginner

2016 국제대회 참가하실 예정이세요? 인터랙티브 웨비나에 참석해 다음의 정보를 습득하세요:

• 고양시와 국제대회 장소인 킨텍스(KINTEX) 길찾기
• 본회의, 분과토의, 호스트 행사 등에 대한 프로그램 하이라이트
• 전 세계에서 온 참가자들과 우정 맺기
• 로타리 국제대회 모바일 앱 다운로드 및 사용법
• 국제대회 기간 동안 그리고 개최 이전에 사용하면 도움이 될 자원

Sprache: 한국어

Korea Convention Orientation Webinar

Mon, 25-Apr-2016 7:00 pm (75 min)

Are you going to Korea for the 2016 International Convention? Join us for an interactive webinar and learn:
• Tips for finding your way around Seoul, Goyang, and the convention venue, KINTEX
• Program highlights from general sessions, breakouts, and host events
• How to download and use Rotary’s convention mobile app
• Travel, safety, and cultural tips
• Resources to help you before and during the convention

Sprache: English

Membership Matters

Fri, 15-Apr-2016 5:30 pm (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Audience: Rotarians in India

Join an online panel discussion on membership with 2016-17 Rotary Coordinators PDG Vijay Jalan & Rajendra H. Rai.

*Time listed in local Indian time zone.

Sprache: English

Cada Rotario Cada Año. Involucrate con tu Fundación Rotaria

Tue, 12-Apr-2016 2:30 pm (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Lo que necesitas saber de Cada Rotario Cada Año, como generar aportes y motivar a los rotarios a participar en el programa.

*La hora aparece en la zona horaria de Argentina.

Sprache: Español

District Models for Submitting Strong Global Grants

Wed, 6-Apr-2016 9:00 am (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Join us for a discussion of how districts work to ensure the quality of their global grant application submissions. Panelists will share and answer your questions on the global grant approval models their districts have created, including models that involve assistance from Rotary cadre and Rotarian Action Group (RAG) members.

Our panelists:
• PDG Marcelo Haick, Rotary Club of Santos-Praia, Santos, Brazil (District 4420)
• PDG Basu Dev Golyan, Rotary Club of Biratnagar, Biratnagar, Nepal (District 3292)
• Rotarian Moses Musiitwa, Rotary Club of Kyambogo-Kampala, Kampala, Uganda (District 9211)

Bring your questions and comments!

Sprache: English

FUNDAÇÃO ROTÁRIA: Dicas para arrecadar doações e garantir nosso bom trabalho ao redor do mundo

Thu, 31-Mar-2016 3:30 pm (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Se você está interessado em ajudar nossa Fundação a arrecadar mais recursos para seus projetos humanitários, bem como conhecer diferentes oportunidades de doações, junte-se a nós neste webinar que apresentará estratégias, experiências de sucesso e recursos disponíveis para angariar contribuições. Participe, divulgue entre os Rotarianos de seu clube e ajude nossa Fundação a seguir transformando vidas!

• Edilson M. Gushiken – Supervisor da Fundação Rotária (RIBO)
• Patricia Avila – Coordenadora de Captação de Recursos da Fundação Rotária (RIBO)

• Dejarino Costa dos Santos Filho – Governador 2013-14 do Distrito 4490
• Roberto Luiz Barroso Filho – Governador 2009-10 do Distrito 4420 e Consultor de Doações Extraordinárias/Fundo de Dotação 2013-16

Sprache: Português

Rotary Community Corps: Community Solutions for Community Challenges

Wed, 30-Mar-2016 10:00 am (60 min)

Level: Beginner

Learn what a Rotary Community Corps (RCC) is and how to establish one in your home community. We will discuss how RCCs can be used to strengthen Rotary’s network, develop future leaders, conduct effective service projects in the areas of focus and ensure project sustainability.

Sprache: English

Rotary WASH in Schools Target Challenge

Tue, 29-Mar-2016 8:30 pm (60 min)

Level: Intermediate

Audience: This webinar will focus specifically on Rotarians in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Kenya.

The purpose of this two-part webinar series is to provide information on the newly launched WASH in Schools Target Challenge pilot program. The first webinar will provide an overview of the Target Challenge—an explanation of WASH in Schools in a Rotary context along with its framework and recognition process. The second will go into further detail explaining the goals and expectations for the Target Challenge framework and some best practices for project design.

Learn from sector experts about creating sustainable hygiene behavior change, a crucial component of successful WASH in School projects, to bring about lasting community improvements.

Sprache: English